Lima yarns are permanent heat accumulators that provide a comfortable microclimate for the body.

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Cool Life mattress fabric and cool life wadding have the feature of adjusting the temperature inside according to the outside temperatures.
When the body temperature rises, it takes the heat from the body and creates a cooling effect.
When the body temperature drops, it spreads the heat back to the environment and realizes the heating effect. (Air Conditioning Feature)
It is the latest technology that can be adjusted body temperature.

Woolmark Wool Wadding
It keeps the heat inside and prevents moisture.
It has the ability to breathe.
Keeps warm in winter and cool in summer.
It does not contain bacteria, molds, viruses, fungi, microbes and parasites that may occur in it.
It has the ability to absorb moisture, it does not catch fire.
It provides the naturalness from the past to the present.
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Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
Have You Reviewed Our Product Catalogue? With a relaxed and comfortable rest, we ensure that the day is spent more productively and enjoyable. A quality rest makes you more resistant to stress and fatigue. It offers a good bed, a comfortable armchair, a healthy and quality life. E-Catalogue E-CatalogueClick to review Catalog Form Catalog FormClick for request With our experience and quality...
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
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