The springs are placed in the package in independent bags. In this way, sound insulation is provided.

BoleroPacket Spring System
The springs are placed in the package in independent bags. In this way, sound insulation is provided. In addition, independently moving springs help distribute body pressure to the mattress equally. Keeping the shape of the spine in the correct position ensures a comfortable sleep. Spouses are less affected by each other's movements during sleep.

Feather Sponge
Because of its soft and flexible structure as bird feather, this special sponge is called Bird Feather Sponge. Feather Sponge used in quilting is intended to provide a soft touch feeling in contact with the body.

Extra Comfort, Extra Padded Bed
The spine is supported by the sponge of high density used for the pad. The increase in sponge density increases the comfort even more. The pad layer, which is partially separated from the springs, gives a softer floor feeling due to its dense sponge. Your mattress provides you both the durability of the spring and the comfort of the dense foam layer.

May your perfect sleep comfort never end.

Rabbit Feather Fabric
Discover the softest form of comfortable sleep with 'special rabbit fur fabric'. While the fibers and sponges in its content make you comfortable, the rabbit feather comfort pad on it provides you with a quality sleep experience that will increase your sleep quality by keeping the spine curve in the correct position. Bolero mattress has been produced for you to live with the lightest and softest sleep.
  1. Rabbit Feather Knitted Fabric
  2. Silicone Wadding
  3. Feather Continuous Sponge
  4. Continuous Sponge X2
  5. Micro Packet Spring System
  6. Feather Block Sponge
  7. High Density Sponge
  8. Baked Felt
  9. Edge Support Sponge
  10. Bonnel Bow
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Have You Reviewed Our Product Catalogue? With a relaxed and comfortable rest, we ensure that the day is spent more productively and enjoyable. A quality rest makes you more resistant to stress and fatigue. It offers a good bed, a comfortable armchair, a healthy and quality life. E-Catalogue E-CatalogueClick to review Catalog Form Catalog FormClick for request With our experience and quality...
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
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