Our Human Resources Policy:
Human; at the center of our every business, decision and behavior. For this reason, we always prioritize our employees and the society. Our most valuable asset is our Human Resources.

Our goals:
  • To contribute to the development of our employees' personal and professional competencies through continuous change, development and innovation.
  • To improve the motivation of our employees, their performance and their sense of commitment to the company.
Our Recruitment and On-the-Job Orientation Process:
Based on Yumoş goals and principles, the candidate; taking into account their knowledge, skills and competencies; We place the right candidates in the appropriate position according to their qualifications and competencies. Competencies constitute one of the criteria we attach importance to in our recruitment processes. It is important that the candidates we hire have the following eight core competencies.
  • Team work
  • Result oriented
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Adapting to Change
  • Developing Yourself and Colleagues
  • Collaboration Development
  • Communication
  • Customer Sensitivity
In line with the above competencies, the CVs of the candidates applying for a job are examined by the Human Resources Department, and depending on the open positions, they are invited to job interviews and their technical knowledge levels, work experiences and competencies are evaluated.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Service:
In our factory and all regional directorates; Occupational physicians and occupational safety specialists provide services to our employees on occupational safety and health.
Human Resources Form
User information and confirmation screen Commercial Electronic Message within the Scope of the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce My contact information; I give my consent to be shared with Yumoş Yatak ve Koltuk authorized dealers and advertisements, etc., within the scope of all kinds of advertising, marketing, information, customer satisfaction studies (such as surveys, market research, satisfaction calls) by companies that I have given permission to share, I give my consent to send commercial electronic messages through the following communication channels. I declare. I have read the Clarification Text on the otat.com.tr website regarding the processing and transfer of my personal data by clicking the link. Pursuant to Article 5 (2) of the KVKK No. 6698, with the exception of cases where my data needs to be processed without my express consent, conducting marketing and sales operations in order to better present Yumoş Yatak ve Koltuk products and services to me, and all kinds of promotion, advertisement and information purposes within this scope. I accept that it is processed, used, stored and transferred to distributors, agencies and central business partners.
Information on Protection and Processing of Personal Data You can access the Clarification Text that we have created within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (KVKK) from the left menu. You can access the Open Consent Statement from the corporate menu, based on the clarification text above. Please indicate your preference for the processing of your personal data.
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Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
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