Who are we?As Yumoş Yatak, we

We are well aware of the impact of good sleep on health and happiness. This is why we are working to produce the best quality products for you with the experience and knowledge we have gained for more than 3o years.

With our experience and developing technology in the production process, we continue to produce comfortable beds by setting ourselves a goal. We want our customers to wake up to the day in a healthy and peaceful way with our expert staff in the production stages. For this reason, we ensure that every product produced is of high quality and comfort.

We work with the mission of adding value to lives by improving the sleep experience and understanding of comfort based on our experience. That's why we offer a quality and healing sleep comfort, not just for sleeping, with our constantly renewing and growing product range.

That's why we ensure that our customers, who wake up in a more vigorous and healthy way, spend the day more productive and enjoyable. It has been proven that uninterrupted sleep is more resistant to stress and fatigue. As sleep determines our quality of life, the effect of a good bed on sleep quality plays a big role.

A good mattress provides a comfortable sleep, healthy and quality life.

In order to enable you to live your life in a healthy and quality way, we continue to offer innovative solutions that will add value to you, inspired by you.

Because you deserve good and quality sleep for a good life…
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
Have You Reviewed Our Product Catalogue? With a relaxed and comfortable rest, we ensure that the day is spent more productively and enjoyable. A quality rest makes you more resistant to stress and fatigue. It offers a good bed, a comfortable armchair, a healthy and quality life. E-Catalogue E-CatalogueClick to review Catalog Form Catalog FormClick for request With our experience and quality...
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
SLEEP EXPERIENCE Yumos Mattress Sleep Comforts The experience of Yumoş Mattress over 30 years has one purpose: to enable millions of people in Turkey to experience the best possible sleep. For this purpose, each product is designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standards using the latest technology.