Cool LIFE Mattress Fabric has the feature of adjusting the temperature inside according to the outside temperature.

Cool LifeCool LIFE Mattress Fabric has the feature of adjusting the temperature inside according to the outside temperature. This temperature adjustment feature is realized thanks to the PCMs in the fabric. When the body temperature rises, PCMs take heat from the body and create a cooling effect. When the body temperature drops, they spread the heat they hold on them back to the environment and perform the heating effect. Thus, they create a constant temperature micro-climate around the fabric.

Comfortable and Cool Sleeps
Cool LIFE Mattress fabrics have the feature of providing heat regulation with bidirectional temperature adjustment function. It provides comfort by regulating the temperature fluctuation. Temperature plays an important role in the process of falling asleep. Before we go to sleep, our body needs to warm up. So we need to find that temperature 'sweet spot' to fall asleep quickly. COOL-LIFE does just that!

Cell Solution® wadding
Conditioning yarns are permanent heat accumulators that provide a comfortable microclimate for the body. Air-conditioning yarns absorb body heat and give it back when necessary. The Cell-Solution® technology we use in our mattress has a higher heat flow capacity compared to natural and synthetic fibers. It creates a feeling of coolness and keeps the body cool.

Skin Friendly
Cool LIFE Mattress fabrics help maintain the ideal temperature of the body by regulating temperature fluctuations. The ideal body temperature provided throughout the night increases user comfort and sleep quality.

You will fall asleep faster and enjoy a quality night's sleep.

Micro Air Conditioning Effective
  1. Think Ice Fabric
  2. Cell Solution Wadding
  3. Feather Continuous Sponge
  4. Continuous Sponge X2
  5. White Interlining
  6. Feather Block Sponge
  7. High Density Sponge
  8. Baked Felt
  9. Edge Support Sponge
  10. Bonnel Bow
Cool LifeCool Life
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Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
Have You Examined Our Product Catalogue?
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